Colorado Springs Retreat

We are planning a city tour and a featured video of our partner project, Elite Brand. We plan to stay in a 4star Hotel and enjoy fine and casual dining. Our activities will include visiting the Garden of the Gods and (shopping). We plan to visit the city tourist spots. We also will be supporting our team members Dr. John Williams with a humanitarian food drive. The tour will be filmed for a pilot!

Things You Need to know for W.Africa Travel 2020

Passport, Tourist Travel Visa, Yellow Fever Shot & Malaria Meds.

Funds for Hotel budget around $100. per nite or split with roommate

To budget Airfare for your city research your deporting airport to Lagos, Murtala Mohammed Airport.

Register Today today! $100.00 thru Paypal

Study Nigeria Culture, How to Pack & Bring Snacks( Read Travel Prep tab)

Passport Services Here or use for both Visa and Passport

Once you have a passport then we apply for a Visa. It takes about 1 month to get a passport or pay additional for express services. You can get a visa in about 10days or pay for express services.

View Nigeria Requirements:

Note can do everything for you. This is just for easy reading to understand.

Register with $100.00 by April 15th thru Paypal or or WesternUnion. Registration helps offset the extensive transportation.

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