EPA Goes Global

Theme: "We Don't Live in NO Hut"


Have you ever woke up one morning or had an epiphany at bedtime thinking “what can I do to expand my reach and help save the world”---even if it is just one person at a time?”


We are witnessing the moral decline of the world through violence and deceptions. Only 4% of all missionaries are working among people previously considered unreached. There are many causes across the globe, that feed poverty stricken populations, yet many fall through the cracks.

My friends and I want to bring hope and pay it forward. Humanity is defined as human race---human beings collectively.  Considering what we do have in common, it is to embrace differences, unite and bring people together.

Our ultimate goal is to personally experience diverse cultures and sharing random acts of kindness. Kagamu TV will capture our tour for film documentary.


Our extraordinary team of film producers, entrepreneurs and philanthropist are excited for this adventure for a lifetime. Take a seat up close and personal with your invitation.

With your help and sponsorship, your brand and logo will appear in our Documentary, our website, social media and souvenir items giving you exposure as a leader with this once in a lifetime experience. We look forward to working with you on our hands on journey.


If you are unable to join the full or partial tour, please consider a donation or sponsorship level  or Register Today!

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<title>We Don't Live In No Hut</title>
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