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Dubai Destination

We are headed back to Dubai for a show tapping. This location is our filmmaker favorite stop.

Most people never take the time to discover how some family recipes handed down from one generation to the next actually got their start? Did it become a family staple because of a historical event or to commemorate a family event that influenced our family's food identity?

Now the full story behind your favorite cuisine will be discovered in a series of episodes titled Culinary Connections. We'll share our journey of good food and how we are different - yet bonded - through food for the next generation. This production team will travel to different continents to discover and unravel the story behind each country's regional dishes while exploring creativity and influence to the regions.

This show will explore global cultures and the flavor concepts that connect them. In each home we visit will be full of history, and the effects from challenges, geography, and climate; indigenous foods, culture, and influences from religion; foods and flavorings frequently used; common cooking methods and their origins in the area. Our goal is to film in Dubai, Nigeria, Ghana, and Europe. More show details coming soon.


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