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Who We Are

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Dr. LaVerne Adekunle

is the founder and CEO of la'Expose, a non-profit community of gifted and talented people cross the globe united to network and promote each other. 

LaVerne's exceptional ethics earned her a notable place in history; she was awarded International Book Award and USA Book Award for her authorship of "The World's Luckiest Journal". She received the distinguished Who's Who in Business, Points of Light Award, Notable 2000 Women, and she won 2014 Psalmist of the Year in the Love Music Awards and Promoter of the Year.  Dr. LaVerne is also an award winning community service leader in the prestigious CA Awards in London and Presidential Award of Service.

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle holds her Ph.D  of Philosophy in Christian Education.

LaVerne loves travel, crafts, cooking and hosting events.


Steffanie Rivers

has more than twenty years experience as a journalist and public affairs professional. Her work as a documentary producer has taken her from Atlanta, Georgia to Southeast Asia, including her first international work about the release of the (late) honorable Nelson Mandela after a 25-year prison sentence in South Africa and his visit to the United States. Steffanie’s work drew the attention of a national television network that led her to become the star news reporter for the CBS affiliate in eastern North Carolina.

Most recently Steffanie published her first book, 'The Do's and Don'ts of Flying: A Flight Attendant's Guide To Airline Travel Secrets. Her second book, 'Power Thieves,' is due for release in 2017.​

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