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Women of Ruth

The one-stop shop for your writing, videography and post-production needs.

Strong Women Make Strong Families and Communities!


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Dr. LaVerne Adekunle

is the founder and CEO of La'Expose, a non-profit community of gifted and talented people cross the globe united to network and promote each other. 


Steffanie Rivers

has more than twenty years experience as a journalist and public affairs professional.

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Our Services

We can conceptualize, script, arrange, choreograph, assemble, manage, and produce any kind of show you can imagine. From a flash mob to entertainment booking, from a TV series to a reality show, we can produce any event! If you need a speaker we have options including independent artists. We are proud to give you the ultimate brand experience. We are proud to be members of Writers Guild of America.

Speakers Roster


Lumbie Mllambo

The youngest of ten children, Lumbie is a native of Zimbabwe who lives in Dallas, TX. She earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Texas Woman’s University, and launched her career in Software Development. 


Dr. Macaiah Tillman

Dr.Macaiah holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Masters of Arts in Business, a Masters of Science in Academic Advising and Counseling and PhD in Christian Education.


John F. Williams

I'm Mr. John Williams Founder of Come On Inc. has expanded two projects under it's umbrella, the Elite Steppers & ElitePageants which empowers the youth, ladies, seniors and men. John makes sure he leaves no one behind. He is the youngest of 14 children.

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Women of Ruth Entertainment and Productions was created through the partnership of LaVerne Adekunle and Steffanie Rivers.Our objective is to create events and programming designed to uplift women, children and the traditional family structure. Visit our Restream Show "Girls Trip".

Where Great Minds Collaborate

Productions. Networking. Workshops. Fellowship.

All event registrations are non-refundable unless

stated prior in agreement less fees! 

7 YEARS OF PRODUCING PROGRAMS to promote traditional families 

COUNTRIES REPRESENTED through our partnerships
for your events
 REPRESENTED through our years of service
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