Global Truce Works is founded by laExpose' & MTMotivations CEO Macaiah Tillman, Ph.D.


Global Truce Work is a team of authors, motivational speaker, educators, security professionals, ministries, performers, and philanthropist. 


What if we had a day of No Violence and Solutions to Anger Management? How about starting with focusing on one day but encourage a belief to have one week? What if we are overlooking the simple solution and looking at something out of reach? 


Can we help one family and it spread to more families? If we can put people on the moon and our technology continue to advance, can't we equally go back to the basics and help one family at a time advance as well?


This group has teamed up to make a difference in communities with one family and one city at a time. The message of the core of the team is to share grass roots perspectives on nonviolence with effective problem solving and anger management. We offer a list of topics for your event. We work with community leaders including city officials, community organizers, educators and pastors, Our team of speakers and entertainers share solution and techniques to help families. By this approach we can reach the masses and belief in that Global Truce Works.

“Together, we are Favored to Win


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 What if we had a day of 

No Violence, No Anger 

 Solutions this week! 

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Defuse b4 Abuse & Entertainment

Terrorism & Travel Incidents

Murder by Music

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Our Team
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Parenting, Happiness Specialist

Anti- Bullying

Self-Defense, Martial Arts Expert

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