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Beaute de Mariee'

Beaute de Mariee' is the only bridal line hair pillows in the world. These couture pillows are made of fine satin fabrics and appliques. You want your hair style fresh as possible and we offer you a custom comfortable feel without disturbing your hair.

Ever went to the beauty shop & came out looking like a Diva? Only to find yourself scared to go to sleep because you don't want to mess up your HairDo??

You need a comb and a brush to maintain your hair plus, a DivaHairPillow. The ultra rich luxury pillows are exquisite and wonderful to cuddle down and protect your hairstyle. The DivaHairPillow is the "hottest" must have item!

Other benefits: Less hair shedding, less skin wrinkling, travel pillow and great for spas and beauticians.

2011 @ Copyright Eclectic Creations by LaVerne

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