Oluwasegun Lasisi

Born in Nigeria, Lasisi Oluwasegun is an award-winning media Enthusiast who has seen the redemptive and the destructive power of the Media.

He studied English Language at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria where he served as the first Indigenous Language Radio host and Journalist of the campus community radio. He also served the ICONS News Agency as the Lead Reporter and completed a 3years Internship at the Nigerian Television authority where he was also a Journalist.


He is a Visionary and one who believes in blacks and Africans especially African youths. His career goals as a media entrepreneur and a venture capitalist are to empower African small and medium Businesses.


Mr. Lasisi runs a fast growing media company that renders services in professional photography and Videography. His company runs and owns the content right to KAGAMU TV and www.ClockAfrica.info. He is also Media & PR Directions for laExpose' Productions & Extraordinary People Awards.

He is the founder and pioneer of Encounter Nigeria, an initiative that helps Nigerian teenagers identify their place in the Nigerian Society.

Mr Lasisi has a passion for helping youths. He is an inspiring speaker, Television host, producer, and an ardent Traveler.