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Encounter Africa is a Sub-Project in the reach-out scheme of the WAKE NAIJA MEDIA PROJECT. Wake Naija Media Project is known for producing Digital media contents that focuses on redeeming the Nigerian minds for a better perspective of Nigeria. Thus, the project has reeled out series of video content; audio contents all containing positive messages about Nigeria.


ENCOUNTER AFRICA series is a reach-out conference platform put in place to reach a much younger population in Nigeria from age 14 to 20. A ENCOUNTER AFRICA body believes hold much in the future of the nation. For any society to be either recorded successful or failed, its input into the development of its teenagers would first be measured because this age group are the original bearers of society’s future and their exposure have a large say on their input  in their individual communities. 

Considering an African community of Nigeria, nothing altruistic is practically done to improve the confidence,

psychological boom, and encouragement for this age group to go out into the Nigerian system and do more good than harms. Instead they are open to all sort of Negative orientation at the internet, from both school and peers that now tell on the total life lived by an average teenager in Nigeria who either sees a country unprepared for him/her or a society that has neglected him/her without a gauge a guide or a succor.


Encounter AFRICA Series is that platform put in place to bring this age group real Mentors who have gone through the Nigerian experience and excelled. These people we bring to build in our growing generation the consciousness of a Nigerian dream.

The ENCOUNTER SERIES was established in 2016 and its first reach-out conference is fixed for MAY 24,  2017. The conference is set to bring 4 southwestern states together with inspiring speakers in different fields of Life. People who have done good for themselves and their Nation. Among our speakers this year is Olasijibomi Ogundele ace youngest Billionare in Nigeria who has despite the odds of ranging impossibilities in the Nigerian society a fortune through visions and hardwork. For 2018 we plan to honor a deserving youth with our a award for outstanding leadership.  Congrat's to the brain behind this project and placing top four finalist as Journalist of the Year for the London CA Awards.

This year we are featuring Dr. John Williams from USA and celebrating the delegates with a TOUR.


We seek to build a new generation of teenagers who see themselves as active citizens in the African culture society. We have put on work, energy, and effectiveness into making conferences and filming memorable for these youths. The team is working and our supporters are set to inspire with their success. To join our mission contact us.

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