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Hylan Drew Tillman is the epitome of being the “chip off the block” stated by his grandmom.  His father at the age of 5 worked as a news carrier and accomplished much as a child.  Today Hylan is being mentored and a prodigy of his dad with his first activity book loaded with engaging games.

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Hylan D. Tillman
Author of the

Our Story

Hylan Drew Tillman, is a gifted 8 year old that loves sports, wrestling, martial arts, and watching videos on YouTube.  Due to Covid-19, he had to start over at a new martial art school after learning one style of self- defense and completed his first book.  Today he is Brown Belt studying Youn Wha Taekwondo and will be testing for another belt soon.  He wants to be a Black Belt before he is 10 years old.  He is and exceptional child in his academics and phenomenal memory.  He has been recognized for his exceptional math and comprehension at school.  Hylan has taught himself the history, bio, and important facts of wrestlers, athletes, and learning about other people of influence in our history. Hylan has won Youth Author's Award and Youngest Martial Artist.

He will amaze you with his goals and dreams.

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