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laExpose’ Production Inc. (pronounced el-ay ex-pose-ay)  is a non-profit organization that empowers the people we serve by supporting their projects through marketing and advertising. In addition to our members charities.


Mission: A World where people will accept other diverse talents to help end poverty. Vision: laExpose’ seek to educate, promote community service & eradicate poverty.

One of our goals is to launch MAP Summit to assist the needs in global communities, fighting mental illness, wellness and bullying. In addition to eCommerce store to fund raise.

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Dr. LaVerne Adekunle Founder and Brand Influencer along with Co-Founder Macaiah W. Tillman, Ph.D, MA. Dwayne Coley Entertainment & Exec.Event Director, Segun Lasisi, Public Relations & Media Director, Donovan Longmore, Financial Director, Darla Allgood, Spokesperson, Dr. John Williams Awards Coordinator Director leads the team.



 To provide the community with a unique event of the highest quality that celebrates authors, leaders, ministries, music, entrepreneurs and those whom go unnoticed.

       To raise awareness and bring exposure of laExpose', 501(c)3 organization of International members serving the needs of others. In addition to creative fundraising.


        To raise awareness of the Orphanages in Africa

       To build an international audience for Extraordinary         People Awards and the need for M.A.P. Summit.

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