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Our Beauty Pageants "Ms. Senior Elite", Mr. & Ms Elite, Miss Elite, Mr. & Ms.Military Elite including Seniors Prom which are charity benefit to support our causes and spotlight and give honor to women/men who have reached the point in life some call the "age of elegance" and accomplished. It is a search for people that are gracious and want to share wisdom which symbolize, dignity, maturity and inner values. Mr. & Ms. Military Elite, Seniors/Baby Boomers Prom and 2nd Chance Prom( individuals never been to a Prom)coming soon which will encourage those whom goes unnoticed and not forgotten.


Our philosophy is based upon the belief that many are overlooked and are a worthy asset and needed treasure. It is upon their knowledge, experience and resources that the younger generation has the opportunity to continue to have a productive meaningful life. Our mission and goal are to empower competitors and our youth across our nation.

All proceeds go to Colorado Springs Elite Steppers a youth mentoring program and Elite Pageants expansion.

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 Elite If you are interested in our Prom or Pageants  for your city, center or residential community contact us!

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