No Need for Fat Camps, Boot Camps or Weight Loss Camp!


laExpose’ Production Inc. (pronounced el-ay ex-pose-ay)  is a non-profit organization that empowers the people we serve by supporting their marketing needs. Through its other programs, the organization invests in events that support and contributes to a variety of charitable causes under its global umbrella.  

Mission: A World where people will accept others diverse talents and help end poverty. Vision: laExpose’ seek to educate, promote community service, and eradicate poverty.​

Our Approach

Tired, Cravings, Bloated, Heartburn, Inflammation, Poor Sleep, Get Control of Your Health!

 If you are like many people who have lost weight only

to gain it back, it was very disappointing.  You learned that the quick diets, boot camps, fat farms, and more simply do not work long term.

Our solution: Non-Diet, End of Struggle for Weight Loss and Fitness.

This is the first destination series of our Wellness and Fitness Retreats & Seminars. We are developing a program for healthy options in our relationship with food, exercise, and body image with professionals across the USA where Spa's is the playground.

We are about real people getting healthier and happier and end eating and weight struggles for good.

Join us and network with like-minded professionals as you rest, relax, and become more informed at our selected destinations events. Get control of your health!

Our Speakers

Wellness Products

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Darla Allgood
Darla Allgood


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Tamika Beecham
Tamika Beecham


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Co-Host Darla Allgood
Dr. Tamika Beecham, DNP, PMHNP, FNP, MSN-CNL, RN
Macaiah Tillman, PhD
Chef Brenda Johnson
Meal Strategies
Dr. John Williams
Steffanie Rivers
Fitness & Endurance
Janala Adams, Physical Therapy
Glenn Keller of CNN Fit Nation
Dwayne Coley, Positive Relationship with God

Wellness Products
Wellness Products
Fitness in Gym
Fitness Group
Fitness in Park
Fitness Gears
Outdoor Fitness
Fitness Equipment On a Wood Floor