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We can conceptualize, script, arrange, choreograph, assemble, manage, and produce any kind of show you can imagine. From a flash mob to entertainment booking, from a TV series to a reality show, we can produce any event! If you need a speaker we have options including independent artists. We are proud to give you the ultimate brand experience.

Conference Speakers Available

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Pastors Dr.Mario and Denese Ramos

 Pastors Mario and Denese teach the uncompromised Word of God. They teach who you are in Christ and how to apply knowledge to work in your everyday lives. They also teach how speaking the Word can make the promises and principles of The Bible come alive and give you Victory in all you do. 


Dr. Mario has been in ministry for two decades. He started with a nursing home ministry, which his mother, Angie Lanyon, still ministers at weekly. Pastor Denese joined him in 2002. Together we currently have an Internet radio show on Blog talk radio. 

We were lead by the Lord to start Build A Foundation Church International, which we founded in 2006. BAFCI is a growing church and "A Great Place To Call Home", so come join Pastors Mario and Denese. Where you are family and are always welcome!!

I'm Mr. John Williams Founder of Come On Inc. has expanded two projects under it's umbrella, the Elite Steppers & ElitePageants which empowers the youth, ladies, seniors and men. John makes sure he leaves no one behind. He is the youngest of 14 children. He comes from a broken home in which his father had a third grade education and his mother had an eighth grade education. Mr. Williams grew up in a home with alcoholism, constant fighting, molestation and the belittling of always being told, that he would never be anything. Mr. Williams failed the seventh grade three times always having D’s and F’s and having a hard time reading and writing. But one day, Mrs., Etter Mae Robinson, told him, that he was smart and could be anything in life that he wanted to be. That, was when Mr. Williams made a tremendous change in his life. With the improvement of his self-confidence and self-worth, Mr. Williams graduated with the Class of 1986. Upon graduation, he received two scholarships. Mr. Williams was the first of 14 children to finish high school and attend college. He joined the United States Army in Dec of 1988 and received many awards over the 10 years in which he served. And still furthering his education after the military.  His awards list are to many to list. He is the epitome of success. List of Awards, educational certifications and degrees are many and very distinguished.

John F. Williams

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Lumbie Mllambo

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The youngest of ten children, Lumbie is a native of Zimbabwe who lives in Dallas, TX. She earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Texas Woman’s University, and launched her career in Software Development. Her background includes an extraordinary 10 year stint as a Software Engineer with JP Morgan Chase. While there, Lumbie launched a publishing business that developed into a publication to empower, encourage, and inspire others through true real people stories to not give up hope, but to realize they have a potential to be creative.

Equanimity Magazine ( shares stories of people in different stages of their lives and career journeys. 

Roy King Jackson

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Roy Jackson, Co-Founder of Iconic magazine , I.C.O.N Music ( CEO), Iconic Radio and Icon Limitless.  The ICON brand was created to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ through mustic, ministry, business, health and fashion. Jackson worked in the secular rap hip-hop music genre at a major major label that sold 9 million units world wide before promoting gospel music. Since that time Jackson started Elev8 Magazine. And he's also the leader of the youth ministry/movement " Culture Shock" where his mission is to use the word of God and his power and arm the youth of today with word, wisdom, worship, education  to equip them with a perspective to be successful in Christ.


Dr. LaVerne Adekunle

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Dr. LaVerne Adekunle is the founder and CEO of La'Expose, a community of gifted and talented people cross the globe united to network and promote each other. 

LaVerne's exceptional ethics earned her a notable place in history; she was awarded International Book Award and USA Book Award for her authorship of "The World's Luckiest Journal". She received the distinguished Who's Who in Business, Points of Light Award, Notable 2000 Women, and she won 2014 Psalmist of the Year in the Love Music Awards and 2015 Promoter of the Year.  Dr. LaVerne is also an award winning community service leader in the prestigious CA Awards in London.

Dr. LaVerne Adekunle holds her Ph.D  of Philosphy in Christian Education.

Steffanie Rivers

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Steffanie Rivers has more than twenty years experience as a journalist and public affairs professional. Her work as a documentary producer has taken her from Atlanta, Georgia to Southeast Asia, including her first international work about the release of the (late) honorable Nelson Mandela after a 25-year prison sentence in South Africa and his visit to the United States. Steffanie’s work drew the attention of a national television network that led her to become the star news reporter for the CBS affiliate in eastern North Carolina.

Most recently Steffanie is a partner in Women of Ruth Entertainment, a company designed to produce video projects that empower women and families. Their latest projects are “Women Pastors – Ladies In the Pulpit,” a reality show featuring women in ministry and “The Nashville Celibacy Club,” a docu-series that chronicles the lives of virtuous women who have chosen to abstain from pre-marital sex.

Dr. Macaiah Tillman

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Dr.Macaiah holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Masters of Arts in Business, a Masters of Science in Academic Advising and Counseling and PhD in Christian Education. He has served as Vice President for Community Service Youth Council and Board Member of Arkansas Student Leadership Forum and was recognized as Mentor of the Year for LittleRock, AR Public Schools. In 2009 Dr. Tillman received the Points of Life Award where Presidents Barack Obama and George H.W. Bush were special guests and spokesmen. Dr. Macaiah says his life has been a “man shaping experience” to empower others and through it all, we all have the favor to win but one must tap into it. Five minutes in his presence will propel you to walk in your destiny