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 Dr. LaVerne Adekunle and the sponsors will raise awareness about organizations helping kids of Ebola. Shines World Films, Sunshine Olawore will debut a film Oct28th dedicated to this project. Through social media flatforms and Make A Difference Project. We have worked with MADD & Points of Light and believe in  education messages to help children & families. Ebola does not discriminate and we need to help those in isolated areas including those quarantined, get the word out. Agencies need support from ministries and businesses which must work together.  Read updates on our fanpage.

The souvenir sales will be used for the following activities below:

  • Donations to FOLIM, Africare, and God's Kids.

  • The use of radio, TV, Fliers, advertisement to share the signs and symptoms with  others across the globe. Volunteers stipend to help with aggressive support.

  • Provide care packages hand sanitizers (Hand Hygiene) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gels, and gloves distributions in major strategic places, meet points, special events and transports.

  • Donate supplies, rationings and relief to organizations above for families.


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About Us and Our Logo

Our logo is as unique as Ebola itself. The question mark is representation of the cellular look of the protozoan, Ebola Virus. The color green is a viridescent in the color spectrum representing earth and repecting the Motherland, Africa. The butterfly is known for polinating flowers, plants etc., maintaining the eco system. Inside the butterfly is the map of the world. Our logo represent the resolve of mankind to fight against anything that will destroy what and who we represent. We are our brothers keepers, Fight For The Cure!

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