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"We make your book sell and memorable"


Do you have a book you wish, you can sell? Do you have a budget to market your book?

Let us help you with our new project "Book Dinner Show".

You send us the book and summary we will create the script and showcase it at a party in your town or city of choice! No party to small or large. You can have live performances, casual or formal.


How it Works:


Dinners begin routinely—guests arrive to meet and greet with drinks and quiet chatter. As diners consumed a sudden story or song interrupts the meal. A artist arrives to take over the dinner and involves one or more of the audience members concerning the book. Table notes work together to find clues for an interactive performance full of twist all the while dining on the included three-course meal and taking advantage of drinks.

The show’s are generally designed for a PG/PG-13 audience unless stated for mature audience. Each show is improvised, the cast can easily tone down the subject matter. Live performances by recording artist available.

Each show date is released with a limited amount of general admission tickets so please make your reservations as soon as possible. Advance book order give you winning edge and door prize. You still can purchase at the venue.

To .Host your own event for business or special occasion, contact us with details for pricing.





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What A Man Want Dinner Party


With the untimely death of Tyrone Weaver many ladies were heart broken. It is in these moments we find out that after the pain comes rebirth. What A Man Wants, What A Woman Gives II introduces the nephew of "Tyrone" & through the death of his Uncle secrets are exposed changing the life of one man forever.
Sneak peek "Chapter One"



Journal/Music In A Box


Book/CD, Tote bag, Souvenir Gift

Choose any of our books and receive our lovely reusable box for your journal and permanent keepsakes.

All for $35.99 plus $8.00 shipping!

List of Journals HERE


Email us for invoice and book choice. 

or paypal us include your shipping details.

Shipping policy here!

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